Goosegrade now lets anyone copyedit any blog

Crowd-sourced copy editing service Goosegrade took its tool in an interesting direction on Tuesday, allowing anyone to leave a suggested edit on blogs that do not even have the Goosegrade plug-in installed.

The new system works via bookmarklet instead, letting users leave a quick correction that’s sent back to Goosegrade’s site. There, the owner of the site in question can check on all the recommended edits and do them manually, or simply install Goosegrade’s plug-in for blogs, which lets them approve and implement the edits one at a time right inside their blogging software.

Got an edit? Make it on any site with Goosegrade.

(Credit: CNET)

What makes the new approach really neat is that other users who have saved the bookmarklet can see pending edits made by other users, along with a history of past changes–although this doesn’t show up with any kind of notification when first viewing an article. This makes for a good solution for sites who choose not to adopt Goosegrade’s system, wherein previous edits would go completely unseen.

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