Olivia Munn to present at the #ACMAwards Sun Apr 6 (8:00pm ET) on CBS

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Olivia Munn no longer in the Movie Tumbledown

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Olivia Munn a narrator on Unity, release October 1, 2014.

Plot Summary :

What is the ultimate goal of your life? For only one in ten million people, that answer is, “Enlightenment.” For all the others, their answer is to be successful, wealthy, powerful, etc. UNITY is a film for all who hunger for a deeper meaning to existence, and a more unified way of living with one another, with all expressions of life. Just imagine a world that didn’t rely on opposites (us/them, rich/poor, black/white, gay/straight, human/animal, etc), but rather a world that perceived only wholeness. UNITY presents the notion of a world in which we are all equally valued, even though we are not the same: Human, Animal, Tree.

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Inside Late Night with Seth Meyers, Moderated by Olivia Munn. Saturday March 8 (3:30pm / Ballroom 18ABCD)

with Seth Meyers, Alex Baze, and Mike Shoemaker; moderated by Olivia Munn

Just two weeks after NBC’s *Late Night with Seth Meyers* debut, new host Seth Meyers, producer Mike Shoemaker and head writer Alex Baze head to SXSW with behind the scenes stories. Olivia Munn will moderate as the Emmy Award-winning trio of Saturday Night Live alums talk about taking over a historic time slot, building their unique brand of topical comedy, and much more.




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