Energy Department eyes superfast Ethernet

Scientists will collaborate with as-yet-unnamed hardware and software vendors to develop a prototype 100Gbps Ethernet network, which will be used to connect U.S. Department of Energy supercomputer centers.

The aim is to develop a network capable of handling 1Tb (terabit) per second, according to Michael Strayer, head of the Department of Energy’s office of advanced scientific computing research.

“This network will serve as a pilot for a future network-wide deployment of 100Gbps Ethernet in research and commercial networks, and represents a major step toward the DOE’s vision of a 1Tb–1,000 times faster than 1Gb–network interconnecting DOE Office of Science supercomputer centers,” Strayer was quoted as saying in a statement.

The network will be used by scientists to share data and research in such areas as climate-change modeling, and for collaborative projects such as the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest particle accelerator. Businesses will benefit as 10Gbps and 1Gbps networks will become more affordable, said the statement.

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CNETNews Energy Department eyes superfast Ethernet

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