Recurring problems with Google Checkout

An important feature in Google Checkout has now been unavailable for almost a month, and some merchants are getting fed up with Google’s automated approach to their concerns.

Google’s ability to handle recurring payments, such as monthly subscriptions to a service that are automatically billed once a month, has been impaired since around the middle of August with little notice by the outside world. A customer first reported the issue in a Google Checkout forum in August, and others, such as Katie Braband, sales director at storage company Datto, are still unable to rely on Google to process anything other than one-time payments.

Braband went into Datto’s offices on September 2 to a nightmare for any small business owner: the monthly revenue from subscriptions to Datto’s off-site data backup services did not arrive as scheduled in its Google Checkout merchant account. Making matters worse, there was no way to contact a live human being at Google directly; Datto was directed to an online forum and support page where they received this response: “Our engineering team is working to resolve this as quickly as possible, though I’m not able to provide a specific timeline at the moment.”

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