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Ffwd Video-sharing site Ffwd allows people to share their favorite videos with Twitter followers.

When you get to Ffwd, you can view a host of videos on several topics. When you find something you like, Ffwd provides a “Share to Twitter” option. When you click that, your update box will be populated with a standard tweet and a link to the video. You can change it before you send it out. It’s a nice service, but given the fact that there are many more videos on YouTube (which also lets you share content on Twitter), it might not be your first option.


Ffwd populates your update box with a link and message.

(Credit: Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET)

Flickr If you’re a Flickr user, the Yahoo-owned site allows you to show off your images on Twitter with the help of a unique Flickr URL.

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