Google makes Similar Images part of image search

Google on Tuesday announced that its similar-images feature is now a standard part of the company’s image search technology.

The feature was originally launched in late April, alongside the visual-news timeline, as a way for users to find images that share certain visual similarities with those in Google Images search results. This means that you could do a search for “ice cube” and very quickly fork out Google’s results between images of the frozen chunks of water and the popular West Coast rapper, all without having to change your original search term.

Which ‘ice cube’ did you mean? Google’s image search can now offer suggestions for images that may be similar.

(Credit: Screenshot by Josh Lowensohn/CNET)

Google continues to host a dedicated Similar Images search page that provides identical results to what’s now found in the standard version of Google Images search. This is likely to remain, as has been the case for sites of other Google Labs graduates, such as Google Transit (now a part of Maps) and Google Suggest.

Google has also created a standalone Google Product Ideas page to grab user feedback for other features or changes to the image search service. This operates the same way as other product idea pages by letting users suggest new ideas to Google’s engineers, as well as giving others the chance to vote ideas up or down.

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