Intel debuts concept notebook with four displays

SAN FRANCISCO–Talk about extreme multitasking. If two displays on a notebook, like Lenovo’s ThinkPad W700ds‘ Side Panel, don’t do the trick for you, Intel’s about to up the ante with four. Yes, that’s four–one primary LCD screen and three auxiliary OLED screens above the keyboard. The aim here is to allow the user to organize information the way he or she prefers it.

Touted as the world’s first multitouch, multiscreen concept solution, the prototype (code-named Tangent Bay) was unveiled at the Mobility Meetup, an Intel Insiders event for bloggers here. We got Intel rep Renuka Awasthi to demonstrate the touted seamless interaction between the main screen and auxiliary displays.

Intel’s Mobile Product Line marketing manager for Greater Americas showed some music files being dragged and dropped between the OLED panels using a finger, as well as flipped video files being moved up to the main LCD display from the auxilliary panels with ease. One could also contract, zoom, scroll, and pan content from one screen to another.

After the jump, blogger Nicholas Khoo has more photos and videos for Crave.

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