Rumor: Apple planning new iPods with cameras

Apple’s expected September event may see the introduction of new iPod models, according to a report on AppleInsider.

(Credit: Apple)

The fact that Apple would use a September event to launch new iPods wouldn’t be a big surprise, but the new iPod Nano and iPod Touch will reportedly have cameras. AppleInsider didn’t cite sources for this detail but said it “has it on authority” and that it has been able to “independently confirm” the information.

The addition of cameras would increase the functionality of iPods, making them dual-purpose devices.

AppleInsider, Boy Genius Report, and other rumor sites have also speculated that iTunes 9 will debut in September and add social networking to the music organizer, among other changes.

A new digital album format will likely debut in September, as well. Code-named Cocktail, Apple’s new album format is said to include photos, lyric sheets, liner notes, and clips from music videos.

It also seems clear at this point is that an Apple tablet will not make its debut during the September event.

Apple hasn’t officially announced the event yet, though it is expected to take place after Labor Day weekend. For the past several years, the company has gathered in September to launch its newest iPod products for the holiday-shopping season.

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