Yahoo vents frustration over App Store process

Yahoo appears to be a little miffed that Apple’s App Store reviewers are still sitting on an update to the Yahoo Messenger for iPhone application.

Yahoo’s ready for the new Yahoo Messenger for iPhone update to be released.

(Credit: Yahoo)

In a post titled “And so we wait…on Apple,” Yahoo’s Sarah Bacon calls out Apple for “the somewhat unpredictable process for getting apps approved and released” on the App Store. Yahoo said it submitted an update for the Yahoo Messenger app (iTunes link) two weeks ago, but has nothing to show for it.

Now, as App Store approval delays or rejections go, two weeks is nothing. Yahoo could just ask Sling Media how it felt about the month-long delay in the approval process for SlingPlayer Mobile, or rival Google about the rejection of Google Voice from the App Store. But Yahoo’s decision to publicly call out Apple is interesting, given the possible thawing of relations between iPhone developers and Apple following Apple Senior Vice President of Marketing Phil Schiller’s outreach to bloggers and developers.

“Anyone want to bet that Facebook’s app, which was submitted after ours, gets approved first?” Bacon asked. No action, Yahoo, especially now.

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