Did Borders Reveal The “Apple iPAD?”

A survey sent to “friends” of Borders Books and Music (and spotted by an eagle-eyed editor at MacLife) asks if consumers plan on buying an “Apple IPAD (Large Screen Reading Device) this year.”

Hmm… interesting. Could this iPAD be another name for the much-rumored Apple Tablet supposedly to be announced imminently? Is a book reader part of the tablet’s bag of tricks? Could Borders have slipped up and mentioned the name of the un-announced product? Or maybe the company made a mistake, and they meant iPod. The company has previously mis-named the iPod Touch the “Apple iTouch,” after all.

I’m old-school when it comes to books. I like paper. But I realize that many, many people with literary leanings are hopping on the Kindle or Amazon Reader bandwagons. Do you think Apple will deliver a better book-reading experience, if that is what they’re planning to do? Do you read at all?


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