Modder Creates 1-inch Thick XBox

XBox Slim

We may not have seen any real photos of the rumored PS3 Slim, but I can bring you a pic of a genuine streamlined Xbox. The Xbox Micro was created by modder Bandit5317, and features all the features of the original Xbox…except a DVD drive. The best use of this one-of-a-kind console is as of a media extender — it contains a 320GB hard-drive for all your media service needs.

I think you will agree that the emaciated Xbox is about 8,000 times slicker than the original, which is roughly the size, shape and weight of a cinderblock. I can’t believe I actually had one of those in my entertainment case!

What do you think the ugliest console ever made was? I think the original Xbox is in the running, but, the real winner is Nintendo Virtual Boy.



TheFeed Modder Creates 1-inch Thick XBox

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