Here come the ‘Twitter, we did it first’ lawsuits

One of the issues when you create something simple, easy to use, and phenomenally popular is that there will invariably be some folks who come along and say that it was their idea first.

Naturally, that’s started to happen to Twitter. Earlier this month, a patent lawsuit was filed against Twitter on behalf of a Texas-based company called TechRadium, which has a patent to “allow a group administrator or ‘message author’ to originate a single message that will be delivered simultaneously via multiple communication gateways to members of a group of ‘message subscribers’ over e-mail, text message, or another platform.

More specifically, TechRadium’s technology has been applied to a product called Iris, which is designed to be able to send out mass messages for emergency response purposes. The lawsuit claims that Twitter’s service amounts to “offering for sale or use, or selling or using these products without license or authority from TechRadium.”

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CNETNews Here come the Twitter ‘we did it first’ lawsuits

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