Why Twitter isn’t pointless babble

Have you ever sat in a bar or a coffee shop, just watching what people do, examining the expressions on their faces, or just desperately trying to overhear the endearing nonsense that emerges from their mouths?

That’s how I think of Twitter.

Except there is one small difference with this peculiar little microblogging site: you can control who is in the bar or the coffee shop.

Some extremely clever people at Pear Analytics declared last week that 40% of tweets are “pointless babble”. However, might their analysis be, as the English enjoy saying, just a little pear-shaped?

Some people might view, say, reality television as pointless. Yet for others it reveals aspects of humanity that can enlighten far more than many a drama.

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CNETNews Why Twitter isn’t pointless babble http://bit.ly/66BBm

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